Thursday, February 18, 2010

The TSA Must Begin Body Cavity Searches!

Washington, DCHomeland Security and the TSA claims they want us to be safe from terror. They say they want to do everything possible to protect us. This is a giant scam.

They’ve shredded our Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches absent warrants or probable cause. Many Americans must travel by air and have no other option.

Today, our government treats American passengers like criminals. This is over the conduct of people we’ve foolishly allowed on our planes and soil carrying passports from unfriendly nations.

The truth is that explosives cannot be detected by even the best of our modern technology unless the bomb makers fail to clean their hands, clothing and luggage.

Explosive are found in every possible form, solids, powders, putty like plastic and liquid. This material can be concealed or manufactured as harmless appearing objects with ease.

The TSA wants you to believe they can do the impossible by treating Americans like criminals. It is all a giant lie. This is pure propaganda. If our wardens can’t keep drugs and weapons out of maximum security prisons, how can we expect the TSA to keep explosives off our planes?

It only takes a small amount of explosive compounds to blow a hole into the fuselage of an aluminum aircraft. Enough explosive can be concealed inside condoms then placed in body cavities. The scanning and sniffing equipment would be powerless to prevent this kind of concealment.

There is no shortage of other simple ways for terrorist to defeat the best efforts of the TSA to stop weapons and bombs entering our airports.

At what point do we return rights and liberty to Americans and keep the people with passports from enemy nations off our planes and soil? When do they allow trained and certified off duty cops to again fly with their sidearms? When do they insist that all pilots be trained and armed?

Our government will throw our money at any and every solution to the problem as long as it does not work.

The TSA claims their security is in layers. I submit they have given Americans layers of insult, indignity, privacy invasion and civil rights violations rather than the protection they promised.

The TSA has never once stopped a single terrorist attack.

America is a nation of cowards so let the TSA cavity searches begin.

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Anonymous said...

Well,if TSA wants to search me Ill make sure I do not bath for a week prior to my flight.