Tuesday, February 16, 2010

America’s Criminal Justice System Is Slipping Into An ABYSS.

Yourtown, USA—In the last four decades the rights of people accused of crimes has degenerated through various pieces of legislation. That’s happened, as our courts refused to support the Bill of Rights.

Unhealthy and dangerous changes include:

1. The near total destruction of rights involving police searches.
2. The expanded use of hearsay evidence in criminal trials.
3. Prosecution witnesses being allowed to hear other witnesses testify.
4. The admission of junk science evidence against defendants.
5. TV cameras being allowed inside courtrooms as misinformed and malicious pundits sway juries.

Germany’s judicial system took a wrong turn during the Third Reich. The People’s Court turned into a killing machine complete with filmed “show trials”. The German people thought this was an open and fair process that included defense lawyers and appeals. The German system was a total sham. The People's Court conviction rate from 1933 to 1945 was nearly 100%.

The Nazis only held those “show trials” for accused Germans. The Jews and other undesirables simply disappeared to concentration camps and the crematories.

My criminal lawyer friends all agree that we have become a police state complete with technology the Nazis would have coveted in a big way.

This is all fun until you or someone you love gets a ride in America’s version of The People’s Court. These kinds of courts are brought to you by Socialism

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Anonymous said...

Ain't it so Paul. The Justice System isn't anything but Big Business and legalized thuggery for a few. Get sucked into that now nazi rigged system and you can just kiss your financial ass good bye.....and that's at the very least. There are no checks and balances between the three branches of government today. They are all three filled with money grubbing whores working hand in hand with each other.....they're all scum. I'm afraid only spilled blood can clean it up now.