Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DSA Arms and the FNFAL Rifle

Las Vegas, NV—One of the most venerable battle rifles ever made was the FN FAL and FN LAR.

DSA has brought these sweet rifles back with a vengeance. They have fine tuned older technology with the new to make the finest such rifles ever produced. Now there is even a FAL handgun!


Anonymous said...

Paul, next time tell the DSA sales rep he has a spider on his shoulder, and when he looks, tuck that FN pistol under your shirt! We used FN FALs in Rhodesia, back in the day.

Anonymous said...

Fun to see you giddy around beautiful guns and women. I've shot 1000's of rounds through G3's and bet he's pulling your leg about the pistol version not being a handful. You give that to the average guy and on full auto, anything flying overhead is at grave risk. lol

30 round mag very nice!

Anonymous said...

DSA is one of the VERY few clone gun manufacturers that got it right.Most folks who try to make classic guns offer crap that doesnt deliver,DSA FN-FALs do.

The owner,Dave Selvaggio,is a big time FAL enthusiast,and understands quality.I have used his FAL receivers to build several FALs.Other companies fall short and should be avoided.