Sunday, January 09, 2011

Excellent Reporting by My Friends at KTVK-TV in Phoenix

Tucson, AZ—Today’s horrific shooting in Tucson that maimed or killed so many people needed to be reported. It was the weekend when most people in the news business are home with their families. The weekends are usually slow for news stories and a major story is a challenge to cover for the much smaller weekend TV news crews.

All aspects of this story needed the best work the reporters, producers, photographers and assignment desk people could provide. KTVK-TV came through meeting their responsibility to quickly provide all of the relevant information to their viewers.

KTVK-TV put their best on display today and I know there will be an Emmy Award or few in the future of these professionals. Sit back and watch some great reporting.


Anonymous said...

Paul, I know you had a hand in doing this story with KTVK. Are you beating your own drum too?

Ed Skinner said...

This exemplifies the kind of news reporting I hope to find. The coverage is thorough, concise, includes background footage and images, and covers the entire story.
Good job, KTVK. (Keep it up!)