Saturday, January 08, 2011

Gun Control Laws Are Rapidly Falling in America

Chicago, IL--This is a current map that reflects liberty on carrying a firearm for simple self-defense in America. This map only represents the political mood of the nation with respect to the carrying of concealed weapons by the law-abiding. The dust of the full legal ramifications of the Heller and McDonald cases has not settled yet.

Illinois and Wisconsin stand alone in total defiance to the Second Amendment rights of their citizens.

Wisconsin voters have expelled a governor and a significant portion of its legislature that fought attempts at reform. At this point it won’t take longer than 90 days for the Dairy State to join the blue or even green states.

Illinois has maintained a Socialist majority in its Legislature and Governor’s office. This state may soon join the blue states as the FOID cards become defacto CCW permits. Out-of-state visitors cannot be required to have an FOID card in order to carry without enabling legislation. There are presently court challenges to the total carry ban in both the county criminal courts and Federal District Court (Civil).

Illinois could enact a right to carry law with requirements for training if they hurry and do so before the courts rule. I suspect this won’t happen as Illinois lawmakers scoff and complain when the courts rule consistent with the Heller and McDonald cases. They will make every attempt to foreclose gun rights after the courts rule against them. Heller and McDonald have eliminated nearly all of the smoky ambiguity of previous case law. All law-abiding American have the right to not just keep but to bear arms too. That is the law of the land.

As for the few (may issue) yellow states on this map they are all currently involved with challenges in their respective criminal courts and federal District courts I fully expect the yellow states to turn blue within two years.

The progress made by NRA and Second Amendment Foundation legal efforts has sent shockwaves throughout the gun-hating groups. They are not going to sit idly despite the reality that America has become safer with falling crime rates. They will do whatever they can to insure a Socialist majority on our Supreme Court.

There is also that United Nations treaty that Barack Obama and his merry Socialists want. That is an agreement to do away with possession of small arms by the citizens of the member countries. No treaty can trump our Bill of Rights.

Let me be the first to say I will make total war on any soldier, agent or official that demands I surrender my firearm to satisfy some Socialist despot at the United Nations.

Frankly there is a lot more at stake here than gun rights. The Constitution has been under attack by the very people that have sworn an oath to defend and protect it including that Fascist Bastard in the Whitehouse. They’ve deliberately sabotaged any recovery from our recession with bailouts and the nationalization of banks, the auto and health-care industries. This is simply a grand treasonous effort to make America a total Socialist nation.

I sincerely hope that disgusted and harried freedom loving American people will bring the Socialist politicians to book and drag them alive through the dirt in the streets on the way to the scaffolds to be hanged for Treason.


Anonymous said...

God I love this blog and your way of thinking. It reaffirms my thinking that not all cops are power hungry bullies.

Jim McMahon said...

Illinois is so screwed. At least in Wisconsin, open carry is legal.

Anonymous said...

Here! Here! Paul Bravo! Bravo!