Wednesday, December 03, 2008

William Balfour’s Mother Unleashed!

Chicago, IL—Hudson family murder suspect William Balfour's mother, Michelle Balfour is quite agitated by her son’s arrest for the brutal killings of three members of Oscar winning actress and American Idol Jennifer Hudson’s family.

Balfour has been doing life in prison on the installment plan for a host of despicable and violent crimes. Perhaps if this loving mother had raised her child with a little more supervision he would be practicing medicine instead of costing the taxpayers millions for his legal fees, room and board behind bars.

I can’t help but believe the more Mama opens her moth the more damaging information she provides police investigators. This lady is right out of Hollywood’s Central Casting…


Anonymous said...

Paul I agree. Many mothers of my defense clients are enablers.

Just like the mom/grandma in the Casey Anthony case.

My mom and dad were the first in line to punish me. My parents kept me out of prison.

Anonymous said...

There are definitely more people involved in this and I will say until she is charged, that Julia is one of them. Many of us believe so.

William's mom does bring up some points, but even if he admitted to killing them and there was video proof, she probably would still deny it. Some parents would.

I couldn't imagine being in Williams mothers shoes.