Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Facing the New Year.

We are entering what may be the bleakest year in many decades. Jobs are evaporating along with income to keep the economy moving.

No experts have brought out some sure fire fix to reverse what’s happening. That is a really bad sign.

Our weak economy is sure to invite aggression from the enemies of freedom and liberty including those within our own government. I don’t expect real relief. We may see a period of political unrest and crime that our government is unable to control. These are the same kinds of problems that may enable someone like Germany’s Adolf Hitler to take total control of our lives.

Americans have had it soft and easy for a very long time. Most are just not prepared to deal with what may be ahead. The sight of millions of Americans dealing with food shortages, panic, and disruption in the flow of pensions and those routine government benefits will be horrific to say the least.

The normal evolution of all government in history takes them trough phases with serious population control. With history as a reliable teacher we are all in trouble. Be ready to protect yourselves, family and friends.

To my visitors I wish you all a safe, healthy and Happy New Year.

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Wishing you and your's a most wonderful New Year, filled with peace love and joy.