Friday, December 05, 2008

Disabling Traffic Enforcement Cameras Can Happen!

Dallas, TX—A clever lawyer has shut down camera traffic enforcement in Texas. This valid legal angle can also be used against the companies that provide this service to governments in California, Illinois and Arizona.

The companies are unlawfully operating without required private investigation licenses in these states where they are required, The companies gather evidence to use in legal proceedings for compensation. That precisely why I’m required to have such a license for the work I do in those states.

Operating without a license is a criminal offense!

They can be forced under law to refund all monies collected unlawfully. I hope to see lawyers take up this and remove this tool that extorts money from citizens.

Here is a news report from by my old friend Carol Cavazos at CBS 11 News in Dallas.


Socialism Sucks said...

Excellent news! Let's hope this disgusting way of extorting money from the productive section of society can be booted back across the Atlantic where it belongs, and if some of the moneygrubbing creeps behind it get personally bankrupted along the way, great!

Anonymous said...

There was the guy who hacked the IFR, infrared traffic signals that the fire/emergency vehicles use to turn the lights green.

He was caught, because the traffic engineers would always see a little white truck driving through the green light.

Anonymous said...

Texas lege comes back in January, they'll fix this right after they raise their pensions by way of increasing the pay of state judges.

Anonymous said...

There is an update to this story. The Judge stands firm with his decision after a Dec. 17th hearing with the camera company lawyers.
Video here.