Monday, December 01, 2008

First Arrest made in Jennifer Hudson’s Family Slaughter, Others Expected.

Joliet, IL—Today Chicago police detectives from Area One, Violent Crimes paid a visit to Julia Hudson’s estranged husband, William "Flex" Balfour at the Stateville Correctional center where he was held on a parole violation. They served him with a warrant for triple murder and hauled him back to their officers.

A formal complaint for, three counts of First Degree Murder are pending preparation by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Felony Review Unit. Of course this all began October, 24, 2008 with the shooting deaths of deaths of Darnell Hudson Donerson, Jason Hudson, and Julian King.

Balfour will face a Cook County Circuit Court judge in the morning and that’s when they will appoint a lawyer to represent him. Balfour will most likely be held initially with no bail and there is that second DOC hold that will also be non-bondable. Balfour's new home will be the infamous Cook County Jail.

Let me say I’m surprised that they did not already impanel a Grand Jury and pick Balfour up on an Indictment Warrant. I suspect that Balfour may have agreed to talk and implicate others for a future Grand Jury proceeding. That would be consistent with information I've learned earlier from my sources in the Windy City.

We will wait and see. As the salacious details are revealed, I’m told Julia Hudson has some culpability in this case that will be revealed.

Update: Balfour has been appointed a lawyer already, Joshua Kutnick which means he is cooperating as a co-conspiritor snitch...

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