Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Plaxico Burress Needs Help From His Fellow Americans.

New, York, NY—It was an act of negligence to carry a Glock handgun without a holster. You see the Glock has a safety mechanism that is unreliable without a holster. As a result football star Plaxico Burress was injured when the gun slid down his pants leg and fired while he was in a night club.

New York where it happened and New Jersey where Burress lives pride themselves on their laws that violate the Constitutional rights of Americans to keep and bear arms. Today, Burress faces from 3 ½ to 15 years in prison for carrying a gun without a permit they would never issue to him in the first place. In addition Burress could lose his financially rewarding football career.

The Heller decision from the Supreme Court did not address the right to bear arms because the issue under review was about the narrow matter of handgun ban that prevented people from keeping a gun in their home. The court upheld the Second Amendment as an individual right to keep arms. Logic assumes if the issue in Heller involved bearing arms the court would have considered that constitutionally protected activity too.

I can only assume that Burress had no criminal history and had no intentions beyond carrying a handgun for simple self-protection. If that’s the case gun owners everywhere need to support this citizen from an egregious civil rights violation.


Anonymous said...

Ridiculous! Why should anyone support and IDIOT who disobeyed laws and WORSE carried a handgun without a proper holster. I carry and have holsters for whatever I carry. Should we now defend idiots who ride bikes without helmets? Your comment for us to support him is EXACTLY the reason we flock away from the NRA and the Republicans even though we ourselves own firearms. Get educated Burress.

Anonymous said...

its irresponsible fools like this that ruin it for gun owners.

I am proponent to our great second amendment. However with the right to carry a firearm comes great responsibilities.
Being fully trained with weapons familiarization.
Keeping your weapon and the use of it safe at all times.
Keeping your weapons secure at all times.

Let this guy fry

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Should an act of negligence that only injured this fellow also net him a prison term?

The gun law he violated was an un-constitutional infringement of his rights to keep and bear arms.
There is no question that firearm proficiency and testing is as good an idea literacy tests for American voters. Both are unlawful requirements to exercise a right.

I detect some racial stereotyping here. If the African-Americans were all aware of the origin of our gun laws as a method to keep them unarmed and unprotected we’d never again face another firearm ban.

If we can’t protect the rights of this somewhat ignorant black man who will protect ours?

Anonymous said...

"Should we now defend idiots who ride bikes without helmets?"

I guess this poster doesn't care much for personal freedom. While I am not sure what you are referring to when you said "bike", I am assuming that you meant a bicycle. I have never worn a helmet when riding a bike and I have fallen a few times when goofing off, but I've never hit my head. I can't imagine being forced to wear a helmet while riding. Stop trying to protect me from myself! If I get hurt, then that is my own fault. I don't need a bunch of hand wringers worrying about everyone else's safety all the time. Mind your own business. I also used to ride a motorcycle without a helmet and was even rear ended by a drunk driver on the interstate while traveling about 60mph. Again, I didn't hit my head, but I was also lucky to not have been run over by traffic as I slid head over heels on the pavement. I've since given up that mode of transportation and now happily confine myself to cars with lots of safety features. On the gun issue, while I agree that he should have had a holster which probably would have prevented this incident, I don't think that this should invite all of the gun rights haters to come out of the woodwork screaming for more gun control. This was an isolated incident, and I have to agree with Paul in that he has a right to protect himself which is guaranteed by the 2nd amendment. Too many citizens are arrested for mere possession of firearms while the criminals have no such worries. Something is wrong with this picture.