Tuesday, October 24, 2006

You Better Learn To Kiss TSA Worker’s Asses Or Face Fines

Flying commercial aircraft these days is even far less fun then you thought. A little known fact is that should you bring your toothpaste or lip gloss in your carry on luggage and are discovered with that contraband the TSA can arbitrarily fine you for some really vague violations. Those fines are triggered if you act offended when the TSA trolls confiscate your property from you.

The power of the TSA has gone way too far. In Phoenix, Arizona in 2005 the TSA levied $77,420 in fines against hapless passengers.

Read more about this outrage here!

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Sabian said...

I flew to Texas out of MDW a couple years ago and the arrogant, uneducated TSA who I encountered in the cubicle was a total ass. I wanted to say "Let me see you when I am on my job big boy." but I bit my tongue. I kept reminding myself how much I paid for my fare and how deep the crap would be for me if my encounter was reported to my employer. When I see these idiots riding to or from work on the Orange line in their uniforms I wish the Mass Transit Detail would come aboard and check them to make sure they are "really" TSA and not insurgent. Does TSA=GED?...From what I have seen: NO!