Saturday, October 07, 2006

We Could All Learn From The Amish Folks

NICKEL MINES, Pa. - Little girls were viciously slaughtered by that 32 year-old madman, Charles Carl Roberts, IV last week in this humble little town. The vile details of Roberts’ intentions defy any logical understanding. That twisted soul had no prior criminal history and apparently just snapped. In all my years I never can recall a similar event happening anywhere.

Most of us live in a cold society where revenge, retribution and punishment are foremost in this age of Victim’s Rights. We have cheerleaders for punishment and hate in the likes of Court TV’s Nancy Grace and America’s Most Wanted creator, John Walsh. Anger and hate fill too many peoples’ lives these days. Hate does not belong in our justice system, but punishment does.

The Amish lost far too many of their precious daughters and their grief must be mind numbing to say the least. It's a faith and trust in God along with their way of life that brought these close knit people to forgive and move on. Perhaps their way of handling this unbearable grief is a gift.

The killer was buried today, and that did not prevent dozens of the area’s Amish folks from attending Robert’s services. More importantly the Amish people put their arms around the killer's innocent widow and children giving them their love and support at a time when they needed it most.

I learned a lot from these fine Amish folks. I think these people set a great example that will influence others for many years to come. These Amish people have my respect as I grieve for their loss.

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Anonymous said...

If anything, the whole world needs to learn from their peaceloving ways. Imagine not having any communal tensions and wars. If only we could all be just a litle like them.