Thursday, October 05, 2006

Die Hard 4.0? John McLane is coming back!

Fox Tower AKA The Nakatomi Building in Century City
I drove by the Nakatomi building today in Century City and snapped this picture. It’s really the headquarters for 20th Century Fox and of course the location of the very first Die Hard film where McLane took on Hans Gruber and his merry band of bearer bond thieves.

Right now in L.A. and for the next several months they are making Die Hard #4 in the Die Hard franchise. It’s really titled, Live Free And Die Hard. This time our hero McClane is going to duke it out with Internet terrorists. Is he going to fight with a mouse instead of a gun? I don't thnk so.

I was hoping that the bad guy was a blogger and the title would be, Blog Free And Die Hard. Of course the villain would have to win this one! Somehow I don’t think that the screenwriter had my great idea in mind.

I don’t think I know a cop anywhere that would miss another Die Hard film. But please, this time give Mclane a real gun, a .45 instead of a wimpy Beretta 92F, 9MM.

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