Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Why Only Indict Adam Gadahn For Treason?

The U.S. Department of Justice has announced bringing the first indictment for Treason in over 50 years against 28 year-old, Adam Gadahn.

Okay this little Southern California grown turncoat has turned on his own country and his on family’s way of life. Gadahn has given aid and comfort to our enemies.

Why are they only indicting Gadahn? What about all those past and present members of Congress that have done as much or even worse? What about all the rogue educators? Let’s not forget Jane Fonda and John Kerry’s contributions to disloyalty and treason.

Gadahn is merely a kid with zero influence or power. Gadahn has also seen American politicians take sides with our enemies without punishment. Gadahn is only following the example set by others. Even Adam Gadahn deserves equal protection that we’ve provided for all the other traitors in America. I say indict them all or none.


Anonymous said...

you have become a full blown liberal. I knew I saw you at the Babbs concert!!!

fillmoreranger said...

Damn right lets start with hanoi jane there are certainly enough witnesses and documentation to covict her