Sunday, October 22, 2006

The City Of Scottsdale Has Rejoined America!

SCOTTSDALE, AZ-Citizens doing business in Scottsdale’s City Hall will no longer have to submit to being frisked like criminals should they enter the property. In 2004, his city followed the lead of too many other cities throwing away Liberty and Privacy for a false sense of security.

Woeful Mayor Mary Manross said she is, "Too afraid to allow citizens free access for anyone or everyone just being able to walk into the building." Perhaps Ms. Manross should try and remember just who owns that City Hall property. I wonder what this lady thinks of all the grocery stores, fast food restaurants and shopping malls that, allow citizens free access for anyone or everyone just being able to walk into those places. If it’s so risky perhaps this Mayor should never leave her home.

The City council debated and then by a 5-2 vote ended the un-American frisking practice. The council then opted to hire three armed security officers replacing the unarmed metal detector guards. The two candy asses that voted to continue the warrant less frisking were Mayor Manross and Councilman Wayne Ecton.

The majority of the City Council members chose to vote for Liberty and Democracy. Crime is always a risk in a free society. Our founding father’s recognized that fact as they crafted the protections of the Fourth Amendment to our Constitution.

I guess Manross and Ecton have forgotten the millions of American Servicemen and women that fought, were wounded or died defending the freedom that these two politicians want to discard like garbage.


Anonymous said...

Retirement -

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Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

You busted the young coppers chops just to make trouble for some poor mutt who made the mistake of parking his car in the wrong place?

You're an old trouble making bastard with too much time on your hands!

Anonymous said...

Haha. Hey Crimefile, the poster above was just repeating an internet joke that has been around for years. It didn't happen. Looks like he got the best of you this time.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I knew that I posted it just to flush out whatever "friend" wrote that BS!