Monday, October 16, 2006

LAPD Officer’s New Home Is A New Beginning

When LAPD hero Kristina Ripatti chased down that desperate armed robber, 52 year-old James Fenton McNeal she took a bullet for all of us. This brave woman is in recovery and therapy these days so she can rebuild and keep her life meaningful. Ripatti has the kind of spirit that won’t let this roadblock stand in her way. Kristina Ripatti is a natural winner.

It was the politicians and judges under the Left Coast’s Liberal influence allowed that dangerous predatory criminal with a 33-page rap sheet loose to threaten, injure or kill. They were also the all too willing accomplices to the shooting of Officer Ripatti.

Ripatti’s story got the attention of the producers of the reality TV show, "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition". Ripatti became their new project as they are in a race against time to build her a new home that would accommodate her wheel chair and other needs. It’s being built by a combination of fellow cops and many gracious volunteers from the community. Of course we will all be able to see the result on our TV’s soon. We all hope that this will boost Ripatti’s spirit and speed her healing. Just as important it will help this young mom raise her children.

I’m watching with excitement what new professional opportunities will exist for Kristina Ripatti. Of course I want to see her continue as a sworn officer perhaps in another capacity other than patrol. She’s pretty and well spoken. Perhaps the LAPD can create a special public relations position for her. The LAPD needs all of the good PR it can get these days.

Perhaps some enterprising TV producer can pitch a new network TV show hosted by our lovely hero? Whatever Ripatti chooses to do I know it won’t disappoint anyone. Of course I’m hopping for a medical solution allowing her to walk and run again soon.

Side note:
This new home is being built on the site of Kristine Ripatti and her husband, Tim Pearce’s existing home that they already owned and are paying a monthly mortgage to keep. The home had to be destroyed and rebuilt to make it wheelchair friendly. Their mortgage obligations have not changed.

In the mean time here is the information where donations can be made to help our hero and her family:
Officer Kristina Ripatti
C/O Los Angeles Police Department
Southwest Police Station
1546 West Martin Luther King Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90062

Police Officer Kristina Ripatti Trustee Donation Account
C/O Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union
16150 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, CA 91410

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