Friday, October 20, 2006

Weller Guilty Verdict came from the paranormal

Let me first make no secret that I hate American juries. There are supposed to be comprised of our peers but they never are. The people ultimately seated are the factory and government workers who don’t have lives and don’t lose money for their duty. The others present are the fools who are just not smart enough to get out of serving. They don’t want to be there. The most frightening juror of all is the one that actually wants to be there. I call him or her the avenging angel that wants to help the cops and prosecutors put defendants away.

During the selection process it’s impossible to guess which jurors will be fair or at least leave their biases outside. One thing I’ve learned is that jurors too often lie under oath when answering the questions from the lawyers during the Voir dire.

Today the jury in the George Weller case convicted him for 10 counts of Vehicular Manslaughter With Gross Negligence. The 89 year-old man now is facing 18 years behind bars as a result of the conviction. Weller is in poor health and was not even required to face the inquisition beyond the opening statements.

The charges came as a result of that horrible accident killing ten and also maimed 63 others at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market three years ago. Experts agreed it was caused by, “Pedal Error”.

To find Gross Negligence, the jury would have had to been able to read George Weller’s mind. The prosecutor’s twisted Weller’s statements of remorse and sadness about the carnage into a confession. The jury bought the prosecutors’s theory and rejected their own common sense. Even when juries do the right thing it's almost always for the wrong reasons.

The jury was bombarded with the most ghoulish pictures and video the prosecutors could find. Yes, the results of the accident were as bad as it gets. The Guilty Verdict won’t bring the dead back or cure the poor bastards that were crippled.

It’s unlikely that Weller will live to see all of his appeals run or his conviction finalized. The jury has added some killer stress to Weller’s remaining time on this earth. The door is now open for the litigation parasites to loot Weller’s estate for every dime he has. They want to insure he gets a pauper’s funeral when that time comes.

Who ever said all men were created equal or that life is fair lied. My advice to everyone is to stay out of court.

October 21 update: The L.A. Times gave this story a lot of coverage and you can see it here.

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