Monday, October 30, 2006

Ghetto Rats Killed On Chicago’s Streets This Afternoon

One cop was shot and lost a middle finger in the furious gunfight that witnesses say involved as many as 50 gunshots. Two ghetto rats lay dead and a third is in critical condition in the aftermath of a failed gang hit plot on a rival.

Three gang members from the, “New Breed” were in route to murder a rival gang member. Our three tough guys were under surveillance for their suspected involvement in several recent West side killings.

Apparently the officers learned of the intentions through wiretapped conversations. As the trio approached Humbolt Park on Kedzie Avenue, the officers made a stop on the vehicle and the heavily armed occupants. A backseat passenger leveled an AK-47 rifle at officers who opened fire on the offenders. A 14-year veteran officer was shot by one of the offenders and lost his finger as a result.

The dead and wounded were removed to Chicago’s Mt. Sinai Hospital. Soon the hit men’s families showed up and tried to battle with the cops right at the hospital.

I always made it a practice to mislead the friends and family members of offenders sending them to the wrong hospitals. That’s beneficial two ways. One is to give them time to cool down and the other is to protect the cops and hospital staff from these kinds of confrontations.

Thankfully the officers followed their training and survived the gun battle. The streets of Chicago have three fewer ghetto rats to demonstrate that Chicago’s gun laws only endanger the law abiding.


Anonymous said...

Hey Paul ,
Although I live In Arkansas I receive all the Chicago stations just for the news of incidents just like this. I have been at many of these family confrontations and some of them can get pretty wild . Mt Sinai is notorious for these as you well know most of the serious go there for treatment. I'm glad that they were able to take the three out of the gene pool. Just think of how much money they saved the future taxpayers of the city. God Bless the Chicago Police Dept.

Anonymous said...

Give the rifles back to our men and women of the Chicago Police Dept.

Let's fumigate of all these ghetto rats...

Anonymous said...

These young gentlemen never had a chance. They were never properly educated in the Chicago public schools and never knew who their fathers were. Most would have grown up to be doctors and lawyers and cancer specialists. They always meant well. One of their shop teachers said that LeRoy was a master at turning wood. LeMont was a fine auto mechanic and knew how to cut keys for any type of car. They are a lost generation of fine young men without hope.
P.S. If anyone is missing their 02 Escalade please contact LeMont's mother or area 3 stolen autos.