Friday, October 13, 2006

An Unhappy New Year is in store for former Illinois Governor George Ryan

Having been convicted and sentenced in U.S. District Court, the trial judge, Rebecca R. Pallmeyer rejected Ryan’s request for his freedom pending the appeal of his case. Had the judge granted Ryan’s request he may not have lived long enough to ever see a prison cell. Ryan was ordered to report to prison for his 6 ½ year stretch this January.

Ryan will not get much sympathy form the cops and death penalty supporters in Illinois. Ryan freed every Illinois Death Row prisoner from execution. Of course that included a number of cop killers. I know a lot of cops that are cheering the latest judge’s ruling.

I, on the other hand can’t support the death penalty because of both the potential to kill an innocent man and that I don’t want our government to have the power to kill our own citizens. It’s a power that every government abuses sooner or later.

Ryan hated gun owners and their rights and that's another group that's cheering for Ryan's current fate.

Ryan’s corruption was outrageous and his conviction and punishment were well deserved.


Anonymous said...

I should hope that he dies in prison. Pardon me for being harsh. But if any politician deserved a prison term , this bastard does. The judge in this case put the hammer down and told him he could not stay out during his appeal . I applaud her for that. There might have been one or two death row inmates that deserved to be cut loose but not all, so to all of the victims families who watched these murderers go free maybe now justice is served for them. I also
hope he burns in HELL.That's my rant !

Anonymous said...

Good. I hope this piece of shit dies in prison. I lost five friends on this job. Thier murders were all on death row until this POS pulled the stunt of commuting thier death sentences to save his own skin. Now they will never pay for what they did but will sit in jail enjoying life on the taxpayers dime. Fuck him!

Anonymous said...

I likes the govenor. he set my cusin loose for killin a po po. he didnt mean to pul the tricker it was an accident. screw them cops if they cant take a joke!