Sunday, October 01, 2006

Democrats Are Waging A Desperate Hate Campaign to Win Control Of Congress.

Democrats seem to have forgotten the absolute lock they had on both houses of Congress for more than 50 years. It was under the ultra Left Wing Clintons and their war on American’s gun rights that brought about the change of power. Two later Presidential elections saw Democrats running Whitehouse candidates even further Left than the Communist Polit Bureau.

George Bush won because Republicans held their noses as they went to the polls to vote for this weak Liberal, Republican candidate over the only other choice.

Itching to tax Americans deeper into slavery the desperate Democrats are running the angriest campaigns ever. The Democrats have still not hatched a plan to deal with Iraq despite complaining about it for nearly six years.

The Finger Waging Clinton has emerged from his cave to mislead and deny to Americans his failure to pull the trigger on Osama bin Laden when he had several chances to do so.

Clinton’s bigger priorities were to destroy what’s left the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and our gun rights. National defense took a back seat because Clinton and his administration were fixated on a Waco church whose members collected firearms. Church members rejected new laws passed to ban firearms and deny millions more people their rights over ancient juvenile and misdemeanor convictions. We all watched in horror as our government vaporized these men women and children even though they had no history of plans of violence.

Clinton correctly blamed gun owners and the National Rifle Association for turning a large number of entrenched Democrats out of office. That happened at the first opportunity after that famous 51-50 Senate vote to pass that now expired and not renewed Assault Weapons Ban.

Bush is weaker than ever as he pushed his Guest Worker Amnesty Plan that would financially gut this country as our own poor get victimized the most. The Iraq war was another really bad idea considering we could have given both Iraq and Iran the nuclear bomb those outlaw enemy countries deserve.

One thing is happening for sure, the people leading this country are farther than ever from what American citizens want.


Anonymous said...

Read the second amendment some time ... everyone forgets the first part about "well-regulated militia" ... we have that. It's called the National Guard. You may have seen them ... except when your Republican congress sends them to fight for oil interests and revenge in a senseless war. Can't wait til November and the country finally gets back on track.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

You Gun-rights hating Bolsheviks are all alike. You make the FALSE assumption that the Second Amendment only gives the right to bear arms to government.

Government always had that right. It clearly says, “…the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Anonymous said...

The National Guard is under control of the Federal Government. That's no militia!