Thursday, October 19, 2006

NBC Universal Setting The Trend Of The Future

With 700 NBC Universal employees being paroled to the streets of America during the next year. Big changes are coming. The truth is that every established media company in America will be dumping employees at an equally fast and furious rate. The broadcasting world as we knew it is changing even more rapidly than anyone could have imagined.

I expect great Internet blogs, vlogs and video sites in Cyberspace. The quality of what we called mainstream news will be bottoming out soon. That, while the blogs and vlogs improve with more resources and talent. Operating a blog or vlog gives a journalist complete freedom to do whatever story’s desired. The days of pitching a story at morning or afternoon news meetings are over! The new bloggers will be independent business people responsible for promotion and selling advertising.

It’s clear that America has reduced their attention span to watching mindless, three-minute, really lame videos on You Tube rather than read books, newspapers or watch TV news.

Look for a new group of Internet personalities and celebrities to emerge thorough the age of You Tube. Here is a sad example of what you can expect:

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