Saturday, October 07, 2006

California’s Jerry Brown's Dishonest Political Campaign

We know all about Jerry, he’s one of the most extreme Left Wing politicians in the country. Brown’s values are right out of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. He is a lot of things but a loyal American is not one of them.

Brown is running for Attorney General of California where he’s been Oakland’s Mayor. Oakland was on the forefront of the fight to teach children the second language of “Ghetto Ebonics” in school a while back. I guess it’s a way to guarantee Oakland’s children stay mired in the Socialist quicksand of poverty and don’t become Conservatives as a result of success.

Brown’s campaign commercials are outrageously dishonest, in his attempt to exploit fear while falsely claiming the support of the rank and file of California’s cops. Police bosses appointed by gun-rights hating politicians support gun laws. The officers in the trenches hate laws that prevent the law abiding from protecting themselves and families from criminals. Real working cops know that gun laws only affect the law-abiding folks and not criminals.

Brown’s latest commercial displays a .50 Caliber cartridge claiming his political rival, Chuck Poochigian has an A rating from the gun lobby and has taken thousands of dollars from the gun lobby organizations in campaign contributions. Further claiming Poochigian has a record of voting against “sensible” gun laws. I’d say that “A” rating from the NRA is a badge of honor for someone that supports our Bill of Rights. I’d urge all California gun owners and rights supporters to send Chuck Poochigian a contribution.

Brown’s latest campaign propaganda piece shows an animation of the .50 caliber bullet passing through the doors of police cars. Okay, despite the .50 caliber rifle being legal in 49 other states no cop has ever been injured or killed by such a bullet. Perhaps it’s because the rifle that can fire this round weighs more than even the biggest criminal would want to carry around to hold up liquor stores and such. That of course along with the cost (upwards of $3,000.00) for this specialized firearm. Brown won’t let the truth get in the way of his fear mongering.

Will Jerry Brown fear tactics fool ignorant voters? Will Jerry brown’s outrageous lie claiming support from the rank and file cops be exposed in such a short time before an election? I hope not.

Here is that bogus Commercial! Rank and file cops my ass!

The truth is below in these clips:


Anonymous said...

That POS in the commercial is an active-duty Oakland PD Captain.

Wonder how much he got from Moonbeam?

Anonymous said...

Hey, thats the kind of politician you get when you move to lala land. I'll take my run of the mill,corrupt,money grabbing,thievein middle class back stabbin,whore politician like we have here. Move back to Chicago.