Friday, October 06, 2006

In Memory Of The Late Hans Gruber, “Uber Terrorist”.

Fox Tower AKA The Nakatomi Building in Century City by day
Okay, I’m having too much fun with YouTube these days. I found this little project of a twisted mind to watch. Yes, someone is in mourning for the tragic death of Hans Gruber at the hands of NYPD officer John McLane.

If you never noticed before Gruber’s gun is the great HK-P7-M-13 rarely found in satin chrome. It was a fitting piece for the ultimate terrorist gentleman.


Anonymous said...

I understand that Alan Rickman did his own stunt in the falling scene. Through the magic of Hollywood, the suspension cables are deleted but the look on his face is GENUINE!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. The reason why Alan's face is so genuine is because the stuntman dropping him dropped him at 2 instead of 3.

Alan Rickman really is a great actor, and I totally fell in love with the so called evil "Hans Gruber." I too mourn the death of him. Damn you John McClaine!

Anonymous said...

I love that piece of steel – this terrorist demands respect, what with his Saville Row suits and his taste in fine German firearms. What I’ve never understood though is why Gruber carefully removed the suppressor from his P7 before calmly putting a round of 9mm into Kiteshis’ head. The other creep you could understand (scare the hostages some more), but not up there on the top floor. Shame, as if there’s one thing sweeter that a P7 it’s a suppressed P7… Any comments?

Rickman apparently flinched every time he fired, which is why the camera pans away at those moments.