Monday, May 15, 2006

Who Are The Victims Of Illegal Immigration?

Yes, there are victims of this invasion of third world poverty crossing our Southern border. They are our own underemployed and poor Americans of every color. The illegal immigrants who steal their jobs because they are willing to work for slave wages make our own poor suffer even more. The labor unions have lost most of their strength, as the millions of illegal aliens became a huge source of scab labor.

The colossal impact of providing free medical care for the third world’s unwashed has made medical care for too many Americans unobtainable. The task of trying to teach millions of children in our schools who don’t speak English is crippling our already overburdened schools. This invasion is as damaging to America as any war with bombs and guns.

It’s amazing to watch the radical Left Wing and the anti-labor Conservatives join forces to invite millions more invaders with the promise of legal work and amnesty for their past crimes. Supporters of the amnesty program are strange bedfellows indeed!

It’s time to force our politicians to do their job and protect our way of life. This is not about race or culture but about simple economics.


Anonymous said...

The President's speech tonight was too little and too late. He is so out of touch with reality. I'm an arch conservative and next election I'm staying home. The Republicans and the President have only themselves to blame for this mess. They self-destructed with little help from the liberals or the hand wringing Democrats.
Frank W. James

Anonymous said...

narco news is still out there, type into goggle. Wonder why no one is talking about the movements in Mexico and what's going on there, at least from their alleged angle. Seems by combining the two we will get an even better picture. When was the last time you saw anything regarding disruption in Mexico.
In 2000 Mexico was screaming during Fox pre-election and immediately afterwards about the drug trade and names of banks tied in along with our Pol's. It's interesting. It's alleged that there will more activity to follow in US by the movement between 27-29 May. Has transformed into the 21st civil rights racial discrimination movement over, alleged problems with NAFTA in Mexico and immigration/deportation issue's here. Bush is showing no leadership so we what could the real connections be? Is it just international bankers and large corporations. Bush looks so weak and indifferent. What could possibly produce such a disregard in our President for the citizens of the USA ? Were watchin history unfold. I find this both troubling and interesting.