Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Local Police Enforcement Of Immigration Laws

Yes, poverty, ignorance and crime from the Mexican border have invaded America. This threatens our way of life as these people also bring their failed Socialist ideas with them.

Why doesn’t the fact that a full one third of our prison population are illegal aliens raise an alarm with our politicians or the public? What will it take to get people to recognize that we are under a real attack?

With the cost and shutdown of a multitude of emergency rooms, the increased tax burden of educating millions of third world children and the irreversible destruction of our economy is in progress. This is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY!

Before the mid 1970s it was a fact that all cops could ask people who appeared to be aliens for proof that they were lawfully in our country and arrest those who were not. Taking them in always resulted in INS responding and deporting the trespassers. We need to return to that enforcement policy now.

We need real border enforcement, real sanctions against employers hiring the illegal aliens and to begin removing them as fast as we can. The Amnesty/Guest Worker plan is wrong and unfair to immigrants that obey our laws. This Bush, Guest Worker plan stupidity will only make the present problem worse like the 1983 amnesty did but on a grander scale.

Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has the right idea with his plan to round up the aliens with his reserve and posse force. Arizona has a new state anti-smuggling law that the lawmen are supposed to enforce. So far, only Arpaio and his agency have stepped up to the plate to enforce the new law.

When we cut off ALL pandering, services,and support to illegal aliens begining with real enforcement these people will leave on their own. Perhaps they can turn their own country into a model of a place where they would want to live.

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