Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Justice Florida Style...

I understand the need to demonstrate that we are a nation of laws. If you don’t believe that just ask any illegal alien selling drugs in America.

Iit’s different in Naples, Florida. The law rules in Naples where they just decided to charge a six-year old girl with felony battery charges! Yes! A six-year old! Never mind that long ago we arrived at the concept that the age of reason for children is seven.

The young criminal is accused of kicking a teacher’s aide in the ankle, a felony since the involved aide is public education employee.

Apparently local officials released the name of this child to the media along with information that she was in a “special class” at her school. When can we see her booking photo published?

Perhaps this hardened criminal will have her morning Co-Co Puffs served in the Big House chow hall before they send her chain gang out to break big rocks.

I’m sorry, but I feel that the only thing cops should be doing with six-year olds is feeding them ice cream. This kind of response is nothing short of insane.

Okay, I’m a dinosaur. I went to a Catholic grammar school in the days the nuns could knock the snot out of you for kicking anyone. They never called the cops and no child would find his or her name released to the national media.

We need to find a way where we could return to the days when the cops, prosecutors, judges and prison wardens were not involved in the day-to-day discipline inside our grammar schools. I’d hope our criminal justice system has better things to do than arresting, indicting and punishing six-year olds.

Here is the local TV news online posting.

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Anonymous said...

Many children these days, Paul, are deadbeats right along with their deadbeat parents.

In Florida, there is no sense of community, very transient and full of many DEADBEATS.

The parents need an ass kicking right along with the children.

The thing is this: If you have a child attack you, etc and you get hurt, god forbid you take matters in your own hands to prevent being hurt, because YOU will get arrested!!

Ie. teacher, etc.!!