Monday, May 08, 2006

Ralphs Supermarket Invites You To Put Your Child In This Cart!

That’s right this Ralphs Supermarket shopping cart is filled with vile garbage. A garbage-picking vagrant “borrowed” the cart to gather the garbage he can sell to the Ralphs recycle center next to their supermarket located at 910 Lincoln Blvd in Venice, CA.

As usual after the cart is returned it will NOT be washed and will find itself with the other shopping carts in front of the store waiting for you to put you own two-year old daughter in the filthy child seat. Next you can put the food you plan to serve your family right into this disgusting biohazard.

This Ralphs store has no pride and despite complaints they won’t clean up their act. Perhaps its because this store has an abundance on minority group customers they feel don't deserve better. I guess they need more attention from me and others in the neighborhood to do the right thing.

Crimefile did did this story last month complete with video and promised updates on any progress. There has been no change at this giant Ralphs cesspool.

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