Thursday, May 04, 2006

Prison For Child Molesters?

That sounds like a great idea! When an adult male is involved in a sex act with either a girl or boy I don’t want the offender to see the light of day outside a prison if the allegations are true. I will argue that a girl over 16 in a consensual affair with a young male offender should not result in felony punishment.

Homosexual conduct between adults and children is far more serious and under those circumstances, a prison term is a reasonable.

However when the hot, young lady teacher gets it on with a boy above the age of 12 the only person that deserves punishment is a boy who snitches on the hot babe.

Any 12 year-old boy who can get in on with Mary Kay Laterno or a Debbie Lafave is no victim! That’s a gift, not a crime!

You can tell me discrimination or scream unfair all you want but you’re wasting your time. I can’t imagine the least bit of damage to some boy under those circumstances. Girls are different than boys and the reverse is just not the same.

Putting young women in jail or prisons for this is a giant waste of my tax funds! We need to change the laws to reflect this reality.

Former teacher, Pamela Rogers went to jail for having sex with one of her 14 year-old male students. She was arrested again after police found out she sent the boy racy videos that she filmed with her cell phone. This one got her tossed back into jail. What’s her crime, too much cellulite?


Anonymous said...

It's not politically correct to have double standards, but let's call it like it is for once.

There is a double standard here. I don't know any guy who as a young teen wouldn't have given his eye teeth to lay down with his hot teacher. God knows I would have.

But fair is fair, she needs to take a hit just like a man would have if the roles were reversed. Politically correct or not, that's the way it should be.

The kid will probably have to wait another four years before he gets laid again. He would have been better off waiting.

Anonymous said...

Any adult who has sex with a minor, male or female, needs to serve time.

I for one looked older when I was a teen and had plenty of legal age guys hitting on me and flirted right back. Never had sex or anything, but what kind of adult has a relationship, sexual or otherwise with a minor?????????

I'll be even worse if I ever become a parent one day. Lock and load!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Think of the poor victim and how he had that awful teacher doing those nasty things to him!

His life is now ruined!


Anonymous said...


Where the hell were these teachers when I was a kid?