Monday, May 29, 2006

Time To Remember Our Fallen Heroes

When I think of Memorial Day I immediately think of my war, The Viet Nam War. I was very lucky to somehow be assigned as a medical corpsman in Germany when I was drafted.

I lost friends in this war who were keeping an American promise to protect the people of South Viet Nam from the Communist bastards. I’ve been ashamed ever since that the traitors in our own Congress reneged on our pledge. Millions of innocent people were soon murdered in the killing fields.

Our message to the world was clear, you can’t trust America.


Anonymous said...

How soon we forget.

leomemorial said...

Hi Paul, yesterday I spent time with the VFW and our Veterans. Every year, I try to do that. One of them, Army - Vietnam, started talking about being over there after some Jimi Hendrix song played on the radio.

He actually grabbed these cassette tapes and played recordings he made of songs that were blasted over the speakers on their choppers.

Anyway, I know this is late but wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU for serving. Because fo you and others, many of the things we have in this country are because of people such as yourself and my Uncles (3 Marines, 1 Air Force, Korea and Vietnam).