Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Batwoman To Come Out Of The Closet As A Lipstick Lesbian

Okay, we all new that other caped crusader and his little pal were definitely twisted. HOLY DILDO Batman! Is Batwoman now swearing off men? Say it isn’t so! Here I though I might have a chance getting it on with her in that batbabe outfit. I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

DC (as in AC/DC?) Comics announced that Batwoman will be a leggy leabian at least for the next 52 issues. She will be getting it on with a former lady police detective. Now we know that can’t be real since there are no lesbian lady cops!

Is this how you can spice up slacking readership and sales? Perhaps I could learn a lesson and put some hot lesbian action videos on my blog!

Read all about the rug munching Batwomen here

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