Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Is It Time For The Minutemen To Go Further With Their Efforts?

It seems our government is informing the Mexican government of the location of the Minutemen volunteers protecting our borders. If that is true it puts these people in additional danger.

I guess too many of our government officials simply refuse to protect Americans and their way of life. Perhaps those officials should be forced out of their jobs.

In places like Douglass Arizona the ranchers have a huge problem with burglary, trespassing, vandalism and wanton littering on their property by the illegal border crossers. The drug smugglers also invade private property while doing their deeds.

In Arizona anyone can make a citizen’s arrest if the crime is done in his or her presence. The ranchers and minutemen are free to make a contract to allow arrests to be made by the Minutemen. The property must have readable no trespassing signs posted in English on the private land being protected.

As long as no payment is made no security licenses are required. The minutemen can act as agents for the willing property owners. The Arizona police have to take custody of any trespassers arrested under a citizen’s arrest. The border crossers will be placed in jail rather than get a free ride home.

A private person may use any and all reasonable force to make a citizen’s arrest.

If our government does not like it they can step in and do the job they’re paid by taxpayers to do themselves.


Anonymous said...

They need to put a bounty on their sclaps! That will keep them home!

Anonymous said...

Is'nt Dog a fugitive over Mexico issue? Is this not how he ended up so popular, following a hopper into Mexico? Arizona has bounty hunters but a bail bond/warrant would need to exist first. Mexico is only intrested in open borders and assisting illegals to colonize the United States. They screwed up NAFTA and Fox is PRI in disguise and supported prior leadership who crashed the Peso then went into hiding in Ireland, he was the orignator of NAFTA with a Bush.

Our goverment is out of control! Who set up this deal with the Mexican goverment. Names need to come out and American citzens need to get loud over what I feel is an act of Treason. The last thing we need to read is an American Citizen Minuteman injured over this reckless conduct.

Look up F.A.I.R. (FAIR) FEDERATION FOR AMERICAN IMMIGRATION REFORM, and assist them. Their tied into the Minuteman orgs. Their website is set up with letters which they fax and SOME you can print and mail. Donations go along way. They have produced Polls as well and will keep you updated.

Anonymous said...

OK, I am not a law expert. I guess you have a point that they could do citizens arrests on these illegal aliens. But wouldn't that expose them to all sorts of civil legal liability?

Yeah, it may be legal for them to arrest these border crossers, but what happens if some civil rights group slaps them with some 10 million dollar lawsuit for something? Could they be sued for any injuries incurred during the arrest? From what I hear, if a cop arrests someone and the criminal gets injured, the cop can say that he only used the minimum force he needed, and that he had been properly trained by agency XYZ for so many hours to safely do so.
These minute men volunteers won't be able to do that. Yeah sure, some of them have that sort of background, but not to the extent that is going to stand up to some hostile lawyer grilling them in some lawsuit.

Very respectfully,