Saturday, May 06, 2006

Survivor Audition Soup

Yes, I did a video audition for the second or third season. I had a new software video program and just wanted to learn how to use it. Yeah, I loved the finished product. I never really was going to submit the thing until my pals twisted my arm. I’m not into eating worms, bugs and rats. I could really use the weight loss that would come with the deprivation. Money? I need more of the root of all evil for sure!

I sent in my tape and it got lost in a sea of 50,000 others. I'm still safe, fat and happy!

Recently, I ran into a young Chicago cop, Jack Stapleton’s tape on the Internet and liked it well enough to provide the link to our peers at the Second City Coppers blog. Unintended consequences resulted with an anonymous report posted that Internal Affairs is investigating whether or not Stapleton got special permission for use of the squad car and uniform image for his audition.

The writing and filming of Stapleton's piece was first rate. The image of the Chicago Police Department has not been in anyway tarnished. In addition no animals were harmed while shooting that two-minute piece.

I hope Stapleton got permission and does not suffer any serious penalty if he failed to do so. More importantly I wish that Mark Barnett’s people pick Stapleton for a Survivor season. This kid just may have the right stuff to win.

Unfortunately Statpleton’s video is not in a form I can do anymore than provide a link for you to see. When you’re done watching his come back and watch mine. Well my pretty dog Gypsy’s…

Update: Jack Stapleton's video was removed from the site. That really too bad because it was entertaing and fun. I hope to see it back up soon. My message to Stapleton is to not give up and see if he can pry open those Hollywood doors.


Anonymous said...

I saw the tape and Stapleton showed pride in his job and department. This was done in a snap that would not have consumed his lunch break. It revealed a member of the department in a good light.

I hope he makes the show and competes in a way to make the department proud.

Anonymous said...

I did not see this tape!!

But what a damn shame. Can't even audition for Survivor. He already works in the jungles, why not let him do it on television?

Anonymous said...

is this the same jack stapleton that gre up in orland park???

where is the tape, gotta see it??