Friday, May 26, 2006

Washington DC Under Siege!

We all know that there are loads of cowards in Washing DC. Our politicians have insulated themselves from the unwashed masses with metal detectors, dogs and lots of cops. They need that kind of protection as they use their positions to line their pockets and home freezers with lots of cold hard cash. What Congress really needs is better protection against search warrants from their own government.

What better way to turn a three day weekend into a four day weekend than by instigating a full invasion alert over a less than credible report of gunshots being fired. More credible was the information indicating the sounds came from normal construction noise.

The morning cable news programs ran the non-stop, meaningless rambling of speculative news bunnies covering this non-story instead of real news. Of course we're dealing with today's visual image driven news programming and this story was visual! These exciting morning visuals included a dysfunctionalal, panic stricken Congressional staffer being hauled off to the funny farm in an ambulance.

I wonder how much disability cash that federal worker can collect for being put through such horror? The sight of every, available federal law enforcement officer running aimlessly around complete with jackboots, bucket helmets and machineguns was really difficult for anyone to watch.


Anonymous said...

You did it again Paul! You made my weekend with your take on this madness!

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of dumbass jagoffs