Monday, May 29, 2006

Turn in your knives!

Just when you thought it could not get any sillier, this came along. The government figured out a way to end knife violence and illegal possession of cutting instruments. They’ve even given you a way to rid yourself of them without fear of imprisonment!

What’s the next step you ask? Police will begin random street stops and warrant-less searches for all weapons. I’m sure that kind of law enforcement will make many people fell warm and fuzzy, all over.

A hat tip goes to Nicki at The Liberty Zone.

You have to read this insanity to believe it!


Anonymous said...

Next in England you will see the banning of martial arts. Not just equipment but the actuall training in the arts. After all, quite a few attacks are with hands and feet and thus there is 'fist and feet' violence!


the little dojo said...

Is this for real?


the little dojo said...

Is This For REAL?