Sunday, May 21, 2006

Extorting Money From Music Legend Phil Spector For Sport…

Legendary rock music producer Phil Spector is rich and especially vulnerable. Spector is waiting for his day in court so he can prove he did not murder his evening date, Lana Clarkson. She died from a single gunshot wound to her face.

If you want to extort money from Spector these days you’ll just have to stand in an ever growing line.

Spector got crosswise with his first lawyer, Robert Shapiro and dumped him. Shapiro took a $1 million dollar retainer he didn’t fully earn and decided to simply keep the cash. Spector sued Shapiro for return of the unearned money. Shapiro couldn’t wait and miss a chance to take Spector’s deposition. As a result a large portion of which has since been made public. Along the way it opened confidential attorney/client defense information to the prosecutor to use against Spector. Was that fair? I don’t think so. Was it a sleazy, reprehensible act by Shapiro? I think Shapiro’s tactics speak volumes for themselves.

Next came Spector’s personal assistant, Michelle Blaine. Blaine somehow got $700,000.00 from Spector. Spector claims she embezzled money when she knew she’d be called as a witness against Spector at his murder trial. If you’re going to steal money from your boss it’s best to do so when you think you have him by his nuts.

Blaine sued Spector demanding $5.25 million for claims of sexual harassment. Needless to say Blaine can be counted on to trash Spector’s reputation when she’s called as a prosecution witness. Blaine smells every bit as bad as Shapiro.

The judge has ruled that ancient claims of Spector’s misbehavior from 1975 and 1972 can be used to poison the jury against him at his trial. Spector should be thankful he’s not 900 years old. There is apparently no time limit barring the introduction of past gossip and hatred by old paramours or jealous bystanders. If he were old enough, Spector’s jury would certainly hear that he's somehow responsible for the beheading of Marie Antoinette and perhaps helping King Henry VIII kill some of his wives.

Normally a conviction occurring from a jury being tainted by this kind of garbage would take a decade to grind through the appeal system. Does Spector have enough time on this earth to outlive his appeals?

Should Spector be convicted you can count on seeing the dead woman’s family looting Spector’s estate like pirates.


Anonymous said...

That's how it is these days. People willing to lie to whore themselves just to make a buck!!!!

Anonymous said...

Specter's a miserable POS killer and he deserves everything that happens to him...

Anonymous said...

He may be innocent, but whats up with that hair? I'd like to go in there with my lawnmower and shorten it a little. Can't somebody tell him he looks like an idiot?