Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Jimmy Hoffa Is Still Missing

Yes, I met Jimmy Hoffa back in 1967. He had just been unloaded with other federal prisoners in the Dirkson Federal Building in Chicago from a dark brown, US Marshal’s prisoner wagon. Hoffa was wearing those unique, antique handcuffs the US Marshals used back then. Hoffa was soon handed a cup of black coffee and a baloney sandwich after they took the cuffs off. Despite his troubles Hoffa was polite and jovial.

Hoffa soon went away to Club Fed. In 1971, President Nixon commuted his prison term.

Four years after Hoffa was released from the can, he vanished from a suburban Detroit restaurant in July of 1975. Conspiracy theories as to who was behind the disappearance were just starting to fade away but for another “lead” that have taken the FBI to a Milford Township property just Northwest of Detroit.

Unlike Elvis sightings, that have plagued Las Vegas, nobody has claimed to meet Hoffa.

Here’s the latest:

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