Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Prosecutor Mike Nifong’s Waterloo?

Mike Nifong reduced a bombshell rape allegation to a political re-election campaign cornerstone. When Nifong announced the Duke lacrosse-rape allegations, he would not shut-up. Nifong showcased this beast while waiving a race card to get national attention for his campaign. The problem was he’d not yet investigated the case.

The accuser is a private dancer/whore with a history of making phony allegations and mental illness. Her race is not an issue but her lack of credibility and supportive physical are huge concerns. Her past has caught up with her with the help of Nifong himself. Her story has changed dramatically during the course of the preliminary police investigation.

Had Nifong investigated the case a little, he may not have presented it to the Grand Jury because he’d have discovered its huge holes. The dancer/whore is an obviously troubled woman who deserved to be told that there was insufficient evidence to proceed. This all could have happened without 70 racially charged press conferences given by Nifong. Unless some real evidence surfaced, nobody’s reputation would have gotten smeared.

Some Nifong defenders are saying he must have some secret evidence that would support the prosecution. After more than 30 years in criminal justice I have never met a prosecutor that did not waive his damning evidence from the highest tower in the land for all to see. If Nifong had a smoking gun he’d have shared it with the world.

All prosecutors want the defense to believe that conviction is unavoidable to coerce the defendants into plea agreements.

Mike Nifong will be remembered for this case just like that New Orleans, nut case, Prosecutor Jim Garrison who prosecuted that hopelessly flawed conspiracy case to kill President John F. Kennedy.


Anonymous said...

Nifong should have to personally pay when this case ends without the convictions he sought.

Nifong is a total jerk!

Anonymous said...

Nifong is a nut case!

Anonymous said...

mike nifong is a complete lunatic.
I hope, by the end of this, both him and the stripper he backed are jailed for the huge mess they created and mostly, for ruining the lives of these fine young college boys.
Note to all....beware of travel to Durham....you may get "nifonged".