Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Winners of Wars Get To Write The History Books.

Such was the case of our Civil War and one of the most malignant presidents this country ever had. The president that made war against the Southern states was a tyrant that destroyed freedom, murdered women and children while sending thousands of Union soldiers to their deaths.

Did Abraham Lincoln really give a rat’s ass about Negro slaves? The real truth was his Emancipation Proclamation was enacted only to cripple the South’s economy to get a military advantage. His own writings make it clear Lincoln was not fond of giving slaves equal rights.

Had the South won that war they would have gotten simple independence from the North. The Southern states would have enjoyed the same form of government without meddling by people hundreds of miles away with different interests and goals. People could have simply voted with their feet when determining where they want to live.

John Wilks Booth was a patriot and a Southern hero. He killed a man who suspended the Constitution he swore to uphold, defend and protect. Lincoln deserved his fate.

I’m certainly not defending slavery, that was wrong, but it was not even a small part of the reason for that awful war. I believe that slavery would have ended soon because it was the right thing to do.

Hate, carpetbaggers and a need for the Klu Klux Klan to protect people from unchecked Black on White terrorism marred the post Civil War reconstruction.

It’s ironic that as the Blacks migrated to the North the first gun control laws were made to keep the newly freed slaves disarmed. That concept was bolstered by the Dred Scott decision from the Supreme Court that showed the North’s real attitude about the freed slaves.

We really only learned two things from that horrible war, might makes right, and the winners get to write the history books any way they want.

The Union was saved. I ask, saved for whom?


Anonymous said...

Lincon is the most over-rated president for sure.

Right behind him as a tyrant is that Communist bastard, Franklin Roosevelt.

leomemorial said...

Happy Easter, Paul.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Happy Easter to you too Renee!

Anonymous said...

Off thread, but, Paul are you going to the CPD convention in Vegas next month?

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Me? Go to Law Vegas? It would depend on what she looks like...

It's Not All Real said...

True, the civil war was not about slavery, it was about state's rights. And I also agree, had the South won, they would have eventually abolished slavery. For that matter, had they abolished it while the war was still going on, they would have gotten huge support from Europe, especially England, and maybe with that support they would have won the war.

However, in the long scheme of things, I'm glad they lost. A large and strong UNITED STATES of AMERICA is a far better thing to have than two medium sized countries.

I disagree about Wilkes being a patriot. His assassination was sour grapes after the fact, not a political solution. Had he done it a year earlier maybe....but not after the war was over.

my 2¢ on the matter.

John Mosby said...

Paul, a lot of Illinois men, and a lot of German-Americans (I'm going out on a limb and guessing that Huebl is a German name), died to preserve the Union.

Even though I fought for Virginia, I respected the ideals of the men on the other side.

You may be going a bit far here . . .


Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Are you suggesting that the North was warm and friendly to freed slaves? That there were not any slave owners in the North too?

Slavery was wrong, and evil for sure! There were also slave owners that would have been considered good employers today that understood that rewarding their slaves was better for productivity.

Wal-Mart workers are the new slaves!

Racism is a two way street and a real part of human nature. Lincoln was way over-rated as a friend of Blacks.

The evils of the Lincoln administration brought the worst kind of political corruption. The new temporary income tax gave politicians real ability to rape Americans and they’ve never stopped.

Anonymous said...

"John Wilks Booth was a patriot"

I disagree with you on many things, but I fully agree with you on that.