Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Plea Deal In The McKinney Assault Prosecution

We were all told by the media organizations that McKinney’s recent assault on a Capitol police officer was going to be investigated by a Grand Jury this past Monday. Where’s the Indictment you ask? Wonder no more! I have the answer!

A Grand Jury presentation on this matter would take less than an hour and result in a felony assault Indictment. Any second-year law student could get that indictment against McKinney. Since that did not happen I had to find out just what is going on. I have a special talent for that!

Gazing into my crystal ball I saw some hot and heavy negotiations between McKinney’s lawyers and the Justice department. Negotiations made because this suspect and her lawyers see the end of her career in Congress looming and are trying to head that off. McKinney’s lawyers are engaged in some major butt-licking right now in order to save their client’s ass. Oops! I meant seat (in Congress).

It is in fact a felony to strike a police officer but absent serious injuries a misdemeanor plea deal is what we can expect. No trial, no felony record and only token punishment such as probation, fine and public service would be the result. Of course I’d want to buy a ticket to see McKinney picking up trash with a work crew of convicted miscreants along the Beltway.

If McKinney insisted on playing hardball and standing trial she’d most certainly experience a felony conviction and be run out of Congress. I predict a much more subdued McKinney giving a more genuine apology inside a courtroom and agreeing to a plea deal while admitting the crime of misdemeanor assault.


leomemorial said...

Better yet, have her do _ amount of community service doing work for a police memorial, washing squad cars and oh yes, how about trying to fight for the (retired) state of georgia cops pensions. you know, the ones that are earning $700 LESS per month because they could not contribute to their pensions because they were black for oh, about 20 years.

I would love to see her washing-cleaning the squad cars. My brother pulled the fire alarm back in grammar school. My father made him wash the fire trucks down every weekend for a longggg time

Anonymous said...

I think we should figure out a way for the FOP to sell tickets for all those who want to see McKinney pickin' garbage in Arizona Sheriff Joe's chain gang!

That would rake in the cash!

Anonymous said...

It's fucking BUCKWHEAT!

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if the arrogance of this woman would allow her to submit to actually making an apology to a *mere* police officer.

I'd love to see it go to trial, but won't hold my breath waiting for it to happen.

I'd also have loved to see the Department refuse to recognize *any* ID pins and search EVERYONE, citing "recent incidents" as the reason. One bad apple spoiling the bunch.

Anonymous said...

What will Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte say now? It was stupid of them to blindly back her up, and stupid of her to have them back her up. Actually, the entire episode was stupid.

I'm ashamed for her and for those who blindly supported her. To cry 'wolf' and raise the race card in a situation such as her is inexcusible. If she had any honor, she would resign her seat.

Fat chance of that.

Anonymous said...

This liar should be ashamed of herself! I'm so glad to see that Americans are no longer bluffed out by blacks claiming "racial abuse". This was a simple issue in that we ALL have to play by the rules, even pols who happen to be black woman. It's about time people knew that every time a cop claims he was hit by an unruly black person that it's NOT Rodney King all over again. There IS such a thing as police officers being abused by black people. It happens everyday across the USA. Blacks are finding out that playing the race card is no longer a sure fire defense to violating the law or rules.They are being held responsible for their actions. Cops would like to have a dollar for every black person who yelled "the only reason you be locking me up is cause I be black". NOT SO. Enough is enough!

Anonymous said...

maybe the congress person and the two hollywood stooges would like to go to Duke and get involved in that one as well