Friday, April 07, 2006

Chicago’s Mugger Protection Act Somehow Failed Last Night..

Two men in their 20’s were apparently driving in their pick-up truck on Chicago’s Northwest side in the wee hours. They spotted a Hummer at a stoplight. I guess envy and greed took over as the two pointed guns at the driver of this exotic looking vehicle.

The frightened Hummer operator happened to have a gun of his own and knew how to use it. He quickly opened fire, fatally wounding the driver and front-seat passenger in the truck.

The Hummer operator was lucky enough to have the special privilege to carry a gun for self-protection in Illinois. A permit you ask? Why there’s no such thing! The lucky fellow happened to be a yet to be identified Albany Park District tactical unit officer for the Chicago Police Department.

Both of the not so lucky would be carjackers are dead today. They proved once again that Darwin rules. The off duty cop followed his training and was thankfully uninjured.

Perhaps it’s time for the politicians to rethink their Mugger Protection Act and allow the law-abiding folks the protection they need and deserve. The Illinois plan was to make sure only the criminals were armed. That law failed today. We all all safer today as a result.

Here's the latest information on the shooting as of 04/08/06.


Anonymous said...

Thank God the officer was not hurt! Will they now name try a street after the carjackers?

Anonymous said...

Careful, Paul:

This might support the leftist claim that off-duty police officers should not be allowed to carry guns.

Anonymous said...

Happy endings make me feel so warm and fuzzy!

Good work officer!

Anonymous said...

thank god the cop was not killed or injuried.

also, I wish I had the right to protect myself other than crappola pepper spray or mace.

I should be able to have a background/criminal check, and be able to have a weapon.

Anonymous said...

Self defense, BoooYaaaa for the Officer! Your wanted as a partner. Glad your safe my brother.

As to Leftist who happens to be an extremey nice and for the most part considerate individual, regardless of what a select few may think or feel. Are we brothers and sisters? His views are what brings debate, I thought debates were healthy. I also perceived that open blogs were set up for a myriad exchange. If not then the blog should provide a disclaimer and be a private blog with credentials.

Regarding the claim of, off duty not carrying weapons that's a bit of a twist for me. If this is true it had no impact on the carry issue. Stay safe all.