Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Is The Duke University Witch Hunt Winding Down Yet?

Political correctness demands that today’s “victims” never have to exercise personal responsibility. Such is the case of the whore hired to service the lacrosse team’s off-campus party. Yes, I did mean to use that politically incorrect word. The facts seem to support that notion. Twanna Brawley is the standard for a phony hate-crime-rape allegation and it’s beginning to reproduce itself in old Durham town.

The past criminal conduct of the accusing whore is in fact what she is all about. They’ve made a folk hero out of the slut-for-hire in the community as they demonized the entire 47-member lacrosse team.

Grandstanding prosecutor, Mike Nifong has adopted this case to be his re-election campaign showpiece. Why should he pay for advertising when the media is so willing to give Nifong so much free face-time? Why would anyone want a prosecutor who prosecutes his cases in the media instead of a courtroom? Nifong’s barrage of statements about the team members were both libelous and outrageous.

One thing for sure the lads at the party are following strict legal advice by claming up during this which hunt. The DNA evidence speaks for itself along with the suspicious claims of the hooker.

As Sol Wachtler, the former New York State chief judge once said, district attorneys now have so much influence on grand juries that “by and large” they could get them to “indict a ham sandwich.” That’s sad but true, but to convict, proof beyond a reasonable doubt is the standard. Are we going see a huge waste of tax funds and the retirement money of the team member’s parents on a trial that goes nowhere?

Mike Nifong has painted himself so tightly into a corner he can only save face by forcing someone, anyone to stand trial for these allegations no matter how weak or fabricated they turn out to be. I just can’t envision Nifong doing the right thing at this juncture.

But Mr. Nifong, what about this report?



Anonymous said...

You are a racist pig! They raped the poor girl and now you've raped her again with you blog!

Anonymous said...

I love the way the WHORE’S apologists are claiming now that these boys put something in her drink without a shred of evidence! I wonder if the hospital took her blood sample? That would put that crap to bed!