Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The End Of America As We Knew It…

As our lawmakers debate the alien mess, the stampede of unskilled illiterates illegally crossing our borders has greatly intensified. The logic is simple as a few million illegal aliens waive Mexican flags protesting action against them, the guest worker-amnesty program is sure to happen. American politicians have been intimidated into surrendering rather than deal with riots that will surely happen if any effort is made to secure the borders and deport these economic refugees.

Our health care system will quickly collapse. Social Security, which is in trouble anyway will receive its final deathblow. Low paying jobs for marginally skilled Americans will evaporate. Our schools facing the new burden of millions of additional children will never be able to cope. The prisons will have to let dangerous criminals out to roam the streets because they will have no room. Chaos, lawlessness and a major depression can be the only result.

Either our politicians can protect us from this or they can destroy our way of life. When the Senate returns history will be written. Perhaps the American experiment was destined to fail just like every government system that came before 1776.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I went to an interview @ an employment staffing agency.

As I was waiting in the lobby, a (Russian or Polish) lady strolls in for the same thing.

THe receptionist asked for 2 ID's, one of which si SS card.

She has no ss card or even a green card...

It's Not All Real said...

People from other countries want to live in the United States. Understandable. So many follow the law, wait for visas and eventually enter the country.

Then there are those who take the shortcut. I understand their plight, because they know they would be years away from getting in.

Now the do-gooders want to give amnesty. Amnesty for those who respect our country show much they broke the law to get here. Amnesty not for those who wait years to get here, but for those who take the shortcut.

Amnesty again and again. If I was trying to get here, I'd feel like a fool for following the rules. Amnesty is always just around the corner. Get here anyway you can, don't worry, amnesty will be given to you. Those who wait? They're suckers!

So what about those who wait and follow the law? What do they get? They get shit on is what they get. In the meantime, politicians who need votes cater to lawbreakers, not law followers.

This is horsehockey plain and simple. I have empathy for those who want to come here, but if you don't follow our laws getting here, how can we expect you to follow our laws once you're here?

Deport them all, not only the hispanics, but the Polish, Irish, Russians, etc. It may seem harsh, but it's either that, or get rid of the Border Patrol and let anyone come in.

Anonymous said...

Plug in the name Nativo Lopez. This is who is involved with the marches. We have Minutemen at the border watching and word is Border Patrol has been told to stand down. Go to the minutemen site.

The border jumpers are crossing currently in mass amounts due to Bush's little game and our so called leaders, their coming for the marches. Hoping to jump on the band wagon. There is no way to know how many are criminals.

Media is not showing the other photo's, this is our land, etc. and they have been instructed to take out the word illegal. There is alot of talk of civil war were headed for a disaster. There are groups and individuals who feel our goverment is committing the act of Treason, this is not a light subject.

We have been fed false opinion polls. Seems American's are not happy about what is being forced fed to them sad, sad time indeed.

Anonymous said...

Police in numerous states/cities such as ours cannot ask an individual their status, Daley has made it clear Chicago is a safe haven.

Anonymous said...

Much of the land in the USA was stolen from us and we are just taking it back! You racist gringos may find your bodies in the street if you try to stop us! Viva Mexico!

Anonymous said...


Noooo acccckkkkk, wrong again; bad education huh? I think your blowing smoke up the wrong stack.

Thank you for the heads up on the it's your land and the violence.

Anonymous said...

Did any of you think that:

1. Health Care system will not collapse if you institute a mandatory copay of say $100 per visit: easy to enforce.

2. Social Security system could be helped cause suddenly you will have 11 million new taxpayers contributing to it.

3. Low paying jobs evaporate because of minimum wage laws not the immigrants: since some do require English newcommers can't do them anyway.

4. Our schools shouldn't face the burden. There simply should be fees. I don't understand why i have to pay real estate taxes and parents can't pay nominal fees for public schools? Where is the Constitutional justice here?

5. The prisons let out dangerouse criminals already when Billy Clinton released them to make room for "War on Drugs" victims (check the stats). We can be safer with 2nd Ammendment rights at wokr (Conclead Carry practice: AMERICAN tradition).

6. Cheos, depression and lawlessness are the effects of War on Drugs, War on Terror and socialistic programs like welfare and public schooling experiments (youth propaganda camps, future consumer education instead of clasical learning).

What i read in this post is nothing but demagougry.

And to the fool complaining about the lady without SS card? What exactly was her crime? To look for work so she can buy food instead of getting food stamps paid for by my taxes?

Which one is worse you dumb socialist pig?

Anonymous said...

Because she will get the job, and I will not.

Because she will get the food stamps, medical, cash and everything else to help her get her on her feet, I will not (the one time I need help)

Because she is here illegally and we're paying for her anyway!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't you see that the real problem is with the entitlement system here?

The government should not be a charitable institution.

Charities or families ought to help people in need. Not the governemnt. Cause when the government does it and does it wrong the whole economy suffers.

I am sorry for calling you names.

I lived through some bad times, o know how it feels.

Stay strong.

Anonymous said...

In reply to someone else here, we didn't steal this land from Mexicans, we stole it from North American Indians. Mexico did control California for about 16 years, but the Mexicans didn't come up here. The only people here besides native Indians were 5000 descendants of the Spaniards. Then came the Russians in Northern California, and people from all over the world were attracted to San Francisco during the Gold Rush.

You've fucked up Mexico, and you'd fuck up this country if given half a chance. If we gave the United States to Mexico, you Mexicans would be jumping the border to get into Canada within a couple of years at most.