Sunday, April 23, 2006

Crimefile Weighs In On The Endless Exploitation Of Marilyn Monroe And What Really Happened To Her.

I watched yet another “investigation” into the death of sex icon Marilyn Monroe. This poor woman will never rest in peace as each new book author rakes in the cash with the offer of each new conspiracy theory. This time it was Peter Van Sant and the CBS show, 48 Hours. Much of Van Sant’s help came from a book author whose book is suddenly in demand because of the news magazine’s “new” story.

1962 was a different world when it came to physicians routinely prescribing medications to stay awake, lose weight, or get a night’s sleep. Addiction and dependence was understood even less than it is today.

Monroe was a beautiful and talented lady who was plagued by a bizarre childhood, and entertainment career. Monroe was deprived the luxury of any sense of a life that most people would describe as normal.

Like all of us, Monroe needed to belong and found some solace among Communists. The lure was the romance of clandestine meetings with these people who were out to change the world. The FBI classified Monroe as a security threat after Jack & Bobby Kennedy became enamored with her. FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover kept a sharp eye on Monroe and actor Peter Lawford.

Monroe’s life took a bad turn as she skipped work on a film to sneak off to sing Happy Birthday to Jack Kennedy. Monroe was becoming a somewhat of an indiscrete pest in the lives of these “happily” married brothers. I really can’t blame the Kennedy boys for wanting to take a few spins with what some still claim was the sexiest woman on Earth. But in August of 1962 enough was enough for the Kennedy wives. The Kennedy/Monroe chapter was over.

I would suggest that the night she died Monroe felt reduced to a sex object with little other value. I believe Monroe over-medicated herself in an attempt to get on with her unfulfilled life. She may well have been depressed, but I would think far short of suicidal.

Was there a cover up? Why did phone records and police records disappear? That opens a Pandora’s box of conspiracy theories to be offered by an army of Hollywood cash-hungry, nut-jobs.

What happened that night? Crimefile offers an asswer and insight into the reality of 1962. This so you can all save your money from being wasted on yet another conspiracy book.

The FBI had an open file on Monroe under the umbrella of NATIONAL SECURITY. Evidence seems to suggest that Bobby Kennedy was with Monroe on the day she died. The effort by Kennedy must have been to end the embarrassment and tabloid fallout with some kind words and a goodby.

Monroe was upset, distressed and suffered an accidental overdose. The FBI was monitoring Monroe’s home and telephones because of their open investigation. Eunice Murray who was Monroe’s housekeeper was contacted and muzzled by the FBI. I'm sure Murray understood that silence was the right answer. The death scene was examined, and Hoover’s agents acting in NATIONAL SECURITY interests dutifully purloined all of the Kennedy ties evidence including any diaries.

Back in 1962 the words NATIONAL SECURITY meant something. Today that just not the case. Cover-up? Sure. Murder? Unlikely.

Marilyn Monroe would be 80 years old if she were alive today. Let’s enjoy what she left for us in films and those pin-up photos, but please, let Norma Jean rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

"Let’s enjoy what she left for us in films and those pin-up photos, but please, let Norma Jean rest in peace. "


Anonymous said...

It's sad indeed her death brought profit to those jerks bringing wild-eyed speculation stories.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Paul. Excellent.

Another book? Jeesh. Give it a rest. I believe your explanation. I guess when one takes pills, especially back in that day, it might have bene easy to over medicate when your body is used to the pills.

My observation, it seems like she wanted just to be loved and got involved with married men. Soa few high profile husbands cleaned up a bit and not leave anythign behind....

Anonymous said...

Everytime I see my TV news go into an old rehash of Marilyn I KNOW it's a very slow news day! Enough - as others have said - let her rest in peace. And lastly even if the Kennedy boys were humping MM (and they being 2 cocksmiths, my guess is that they were) they are both dead now too (and so is everyone else from that time so who we gonna nail by bringing it all up again). But we still have TED KENNEDY and though his humping days are over (remember when he chased that college coed around the lawn of the Palm Beach Kennedy compound one hot summer night some years ago - "with his druken drawers down to his ankles" yet) I think it's time to totaly ignore Ted and any other Kennedy with an Irish curse drinking problem - let them all lay drunk without a piece! Just look at all those whisky bmps on Ted's red puss! Old Irish saying' He down a fifth for every bump on his big red nose, and a pint for every red mark on his face". old mick

Anonymous said...

Hey, didn't Nicolas Cage get the film on Monroe and Kennedy? LOL