Sunday, April 09, 2006

Malibu Ferrari Enzo Crash Case Figure Arrested!

This never ending saga that began with the spectacular 162 MPH crash of a rare million-dollar Ferrari Enzo last February in Malibu CA has taken yet another wild turn.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Swedish ex-convict Stefan Eriksson, 44, at his Bel-Air home Saturday night. Detectives also served a yet to be determined number of search warrants on property under control of Eriksson.

L.A. Sheriff’s records show that Eriksson was arrested Saturday night in Bel Aire at 9:50 PM. The charges remain unclear but he’s being held without bail. In addition there’s a no bail, USIM Immigration hold on Eriksson should he be released from any local charges.

Eriksson was booked into the Men’s Central Jail just after 9:00 AM this morning. There is a court apperance set for April 11, 2006 @ 8:30 AM in Division 30 located at 210 w. Temple Street, Los Angeles.

An evening update from the L.A. Times...

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