Saturday, April 08, 2006

More Information On That Double Justifiable Homicide in Chicago…

We now have the names criminal histories and street gang affiliations of the two dead thugs. They were Kenneth Elrod, 31, of the 5400 block of West Waveland and Demetri Centera, 31, of the 4700 block of North Kenneth in Chicago.

Elrod and Centera were proud members of the Latin Eagles street gang. They were both career criminals. Elrod was a burglar and drug offender that has been twice sent to prison. Centera has a rap sheet listing no less that 26 arrests for a wide variety of crimes including drugs, disorderly conduct and trespassing.

It turns out that this event began at the Magic Touch Club located 5728 W. Belmont when Elrod caused a disturbance with another man and was removed from the club by the off duty officer. Elrod went home and came back with Centera, guns and extra ammo to exact revenge. They waited for the officer to leave the club and then ambushed him with drawn guns at Belmont and Kilpatrick.

Both offenders committed serious new felonies by possessing firearms because of their past criminal records. The incredibly stupid decision to harm their victim cost these two criminals their lives.

The Albany Park District tactical officer was lucky to be armed, well trained and somehow capable of surviving this deadly assault. The officer’s actions were carefully reviewed by the department and were ruled to be justifiable and proper under department regulations. One thing for sure Chicago is a safer place without Elrod and Centera roaming the streets.

As for the two dead men this seems to be yet another sad example that validates Darwin’s theory of evolution.


leomemorial said...

The Sun-Times quoted the families of the gang bangers as "non violent."


Is that why they had guns? I'm a resident of Chicago and checked the weapons laws here. I cannot have a gun, or pretty much any other weapon.

I didn't know plumbers needed or were allowed to carry guns. What the hell are they unclogging that they need a gun? duh

These two were not "former" gang bangers, but still doing their dirty deeds.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

The two thugs were felons and had no ability to possess firearms. The other state and local laws did not matter. Daley's gun laws only work on the law-abiding citizens!

It's Not All Real said...

"When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns." Who said that I don't know, but it sure is true.

And Emporer Richard I doesn't have to worry a bit, not with all the armed guards he has surrounding him. He has never been without an armed bodyguard in his life, and unless he goes to Club Fed (Unlikely) he'll have one til he dies.

Our "plumbers" played and lost. Too bad, so sad. Chaulk one up for the good guys.

Anonymous said...

Thank God the policeman was in control of the situation and reacted swifty and decisively. One or should I say two for the good guys

Anonymous said...

The famlies of these dogs have filed a lawsuit already!

There,s no basis for collecting a dime. Let them rot in Hell!