Thursday, April 06, 2006

13 Year Veteran Cop Facing Jail Disgrace And The End Of His Career.

You’re a cop and you have the tools to investigate people and know how to use them. But now you want to find out about your strange neighbor, the person that cares for your children or that scumbag that made false allegations about you or your partner. What do you do? If you access the department computers you may find yourself in real trouble like Phoenix police detective, Juan H. Rivera.

There is a solution that won’t get you in trouble. You simply find a retired officer who has a second career as a private detective who can access the motor vehicle records and get you what you need.

You can always get the public information about someone’s criminal background from the courts and never face criticism from anyone.


Anonymous said...

It's best to do it the right way, then to lose your career. Besides, as you said, many cops do security on the side or F/T. When I first moved to Florida, I had a beach patrol K9 cop following me, ironically appearing whenever I went for a run, etc.

Then when I ran into him later, he said that he had known I had gone shopping at the mall, and started naming some stores I went into.

When I moved to a different city, he actually scared the hell out of me. Showed up at a house I was renting. When I asked him how he found out, he said "I'm a cop." I told him, he better tell me more then that or I was making a phoen call. He admitted he ran my plate.

Later that day I phoned a friend on the force and had him speak to him, as a favor. This cop was married and his wife pregnant. He didn't bother me anymore after that.

It was later when his picture was in the newspaper that he had tried to sell a service revolver to a pawn shop for $. His career was over.

Anonymous said...

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