Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tourism Industry Damage because of Terrorism Hysteria

We all take vacations to get away from stress, aggravation, and pettiness of our every day life. But if our vacations involve air travel, the programs of the TSA and FAA have taken the fun out of travel for too many people. The result is an industry damaged, perhaps beyond repair.

American news organizations have really aggravated the problem by frightening Americans through countless news stories about security holes in the air travel system. The TSA and FAA respond by annoying passengers with their silly and ineffective petty security procedures. Using highly visible pettiness and inconvenience tactics against passengers to create an illusion of security is the apparent mission of the TSA.

Searching the cargo of airplanes would go unnoticed by millions of passengers and that’s the reason it has never been a priority for the TSA. Airline security has evolved to mere showmanship. The TSA puts on a show for the passengers while squandering tax dollars.

I’m sorry I just can’t swallow a security program fueled by the sensitivities of political correctness rather than profiling potential terrorists. I loathe air travel anymore and so do many of my friends. Any excuse to avoid flying anywhere will do.

One thing for sure fear, lucrative government contract corruption and media brainwashing have taken its toll on the business of air travel. The more people travel, the more they will look to avoid it in the future.

The biggest hit tourism has taken is from international travelers. The USA now has the air travel system to avoid. Here is an article that reflects some of the the loss.

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