Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ralphs Supermarket Filthy Shopping Carts Part II

Click on the photograph to enlarge!

I said I’d give a progress report on the Ralphs Supermarket located at 910 Lincoln Blvd, Venice CA. I’ll let the picture I took today tell it all. It looks like they took two steps backwards and Ralphs has no interest in protecting their customers from the loathsome bacteria coating their shopping carts.

The bits of plastic and string you see are where the vagrants tie additional garbage pickings when they run out of room in the carts. That’s proof that the carts are in no way cleaned or sanitized before they are returned to service. I guess they need to be shamed into cleaning up!

Who would want to to the food intended for the family dinner table in these nasty shopping carts?

Here's the earlier story with video...


Anonymous said...

I'm not from California, but are there other stores to shop at? Would it be OK to go to these other stores? Slow news day at crimefile?

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Most of the stores in the area have the same problem but Ralphs is the worst. I don't want to drive miles away to find a store with clean carts. That's exactly what I'm doing these days.

I just think that the carts that carry my food be at least as clean as my toilet! Such is NOT the case.

I just want them to clean up that all! They're not even trying!

Anonymous said...

Who is the idiot who advocates going to "other stores" and accuses Crimefile of a "slow news day". I for one am glad you do not live in California - we have enough good-balls here now. I applaud Crime File for dealing with this most urgent issue in trying to keep our FOOD PRODUCT CLEAN! Get it moron? This is not "slow news", but hearing someone tell us it's going to be warm and sunny in California a dozen times a day IS slow news. So is hearing someone tell us to just go to "another store" as a remedy IS slow news dumb information. Get on board you idiot and demand that ALL food stores EVERYWHERE clean their karts. PS: RALPHS IS THE WORST HERE. Signed; Just an ordinary guy who likes clean food, as germ free as possible.