Sunday, April 23, 2006

Bush Polls And Illegal Immigration.

The latest FOX News-Opinion Dynamics Poll has President Bush at his lowest ever approval rating at 33%. FOX News further suggests that the war is what’s behind the falling numbers.

What’s the real reason? I say it’s really Bush’s controversial “Guest Worker” amnesty program for illegal aliens. A majority of Americans want our borders protected, and those who trespassed to get here simply removed.

The shameful neglect of border enforcement and tacit approval of law breaking by our government has become a huge threat to our economy and national security. Still nothing is being done as hundreds of millions of dollars of illegal drugs and human traffic slithers into our country.

The Left leaning media organizations along with big business interests for cheap labor want to wish the entire illegal immigration problem away. Will our politicians do their job to protect this nation? Apparently not if they can continue to ignore the will of the people.
The Republican that will take the no nonsense approach to immigration can also be the next President of the United States. Perhaps that Republican may be Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona.


Anonymous said...

Reflective thought, what is the
AG JOB AMNESTY BILL: Would you say THAT act WOULD MAKE the U.S.A. Non SOVEREIGN! Interesting read.

Where does the MINUTE MAN project stand on the sworn oath our elected officals swore to uphold? Are their Radio stations being jammed by the goverment?

Second reflective thought, how about our so called Mayors as well. Whose oath are they upholding in reference to SAFE HAVEN cities? GREED, special interest groups!

A little preview of conduct:
Senator John McCain and Kyle of Arizona along with Congressmen Kolbe and Flake are SO out of touch with their constituents, they opposed Proposition 200 which was passed in that illegal-alien-invaded state. They were the reasons Arizona citizens created the initiative because those elected officials refused their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution. Arizona endures 500,000 illegal aliens. Last year, with 77 hospitals near bankruptcy in the Border States, Senator McCain, instead of doing his job, slipped a $1.4 billion rider onto the Federal Medicaid Bill to keep those hospitals afloat. Why were they bankrupting? They served millions of non-paying illegal aliens. That money wasn,t enough. Four Los Angeles hospitals failed this year. Why? They could not function with thousands of illegal aliens. Who suffers? American citizens who cannot find hospital care.

A similar story could be written about Teddy Kennedy, Congressman Mark Udall and Diana Degette and Senators Allard and Campbell of Colorado, Dillion of Illinois, and hundreds of senators and representatives who will not and do not uphold their oath of office. John Tierney, John Conyers, Hillary Clinton, Benjamin Cardin and the list goes on and on where these representatives score F- on their report cards.

Yet were still trying to pass an amensty bill. No current laws on the books now, huh?

On the issue of Protecting our country aka borders our elected leaders are acting in GREED/Waton behaviour and are refusing to uphold their sworn oaths! Americans are tired of the transparent lip service, all the while these so called elected leaders are lining their pockets and destroying this country. We will see very soon how strong the American voice is and or how weak we have really become.

Kyle may not looking so good. Some accuse him of being a BUSH yes man.

Anonymous said...

Crime file

You may enjoy the media art layout at

Great video and sound. Suggest anyone wanting to see the flip side of immigration issue check this site out.

Anonymous said...

Whose drinking KOOL AID?

Is Bobby Rush really trying to assist Englewood regarding SBC/AT&T over cable issue? Or is his agenda more in line with attempting to get on the band wagon (aka) pocket lining with The Latino Coalition over broadband opportunities and Hispanic speaking stations? Who knows.

News today a Bush cabinet member resigned to go to the Latino Coalition. Coalition strong supporters of Bush.

By the way, TLC said their numbers are over 40 million per census bureau. They are the fastest growing miniority in U.S.A. more than in Argentina and Venezuela. Bragging rights. Over 40 million and data may be a slight bit old? No break down on who is legal or illegal. As we all know our Elected Pols and Media have branded a new politically correct usage term (immigrant)let's get the broom out! Better yet will someone shake the carpet pleaszzzzzzzzzzzzzz!?!?!?!?!