Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Video Advice For Those Living With Handgun Bans.

Some Americans live in cities that have banned handguns. I ask why give in and protect criminals by remaining unarmed? There is a better solution that will decrease the chances of survival of those that would dare try to hurt you or your family.

Simple to use, yet highly effective! This is my little Benelli-HK M3 Super 90 .12 gauge shotgun. It’s a semi-automatic that can also be used as a pump action. I suggest using both slugs and 00 buckshot.


Anonymous said...

Completely off topic, but since the SCC blog is being used for porn, thought I'd post this here.
About these (Chicago) honorary street signs, which I think they should do away with. In my neighborhood, noticed a bunch but, no respect, who the hell are these people and what have they done:
Marge & Armon Schmidt
George Schmidt
Lita Vita

Anonymous said...

The gun hating morons don't want criminals getting hurt. Each blast of that shotgun sends 13 .30 cal pellets into the chest or head of the bad guy.

Very poor chances of survival!

Handguns require much more skill and have only a fraction of the power.

That's not the bird shot Dick Chenny uses on doves in Texas!


Well I never intend to miss. So either way works for me. Depending on the criminal, a nice knife might make me feel better. I think of course we should always have the right to bear arms. My concern is even though we can carry in texas, you have to keep them concealed. My concern if you are already at gunpoint, what good does this do.I need a fair chance something like 3 guys both armed, all nervous and me with and mp5 on over the shoulder. SOunds fair to me.I guess it is not practical, but I sure wouldnt worry about walking to my car in a abondoned lot. Would you?

Anonymous said...

That was the same as 104 shots from a MP5 sub-machinegun.

That will clear them out in a hurry!

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